Let’s take a look at the guitar rig of Wouter, Lifechanger’s guitarist. What guitars and equipment did he use to record Lifechanger’s album?

Wouter admires different well-known guitarists. One of them is Nuno Bettencourt of Extreme. Nuno had different signature guitars made under the Washburn brand. Wouter has used Nuno’s N2 signature brand for the recording of the song “Now you know”. Wouter: The N2 has an Alder wooden body and a Bill Lawrence bridge pickup that gives it a very characteristic full sound, very good for funky rock and crisp solo sounds, so it came as a natural to use this guitar for this song, as it is the most funky song on the album”.

For other parts he used the LTD MH-53 electric guitar from ESP that has a maple neck, basswood body and a maple fretboard. “This guitar is very forgiving, even less precise solo work sound well on it, and it also has less tension on the string, so you can bend more easily. The sound is warm, and it was a great choice for more challenging solo work, like the solo’s for “Information Overload”.