Today ( October 9th, 2020) our music video for “Information Overload” was anounced through Backseat Mafia, the best in new and forgotten music. Check it out here:

Track: Dutch Hard Rock outfit Lifechanger release new music video!

In speaking about the track “Information Overload” the band says “Today there is lots of information  coming at you, everybody has  got multiple screens and notifications in their proximity. Sometimes it’s difficult tot hold your focus when you are fed too much information, and you feel you are not doing what you should, or you are not seeing what’s important. The song deals with that feeling”. Check out the video on YouTube here:

Lifechanger is influenced by melodic rock, hard rock and metal bands from the 80s while still having a contemporary feel.
The songs of Lifechanger often refer to remarkable events of life, hence the name. Their first studio album is named after the band.

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